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Mission & Values

I Am Recovery, is Women Sober Living for Addiction Recovery, it is designed for women  who are ready to change their lives and move out of addiction into creation. We believe that by providing support, compassion, education and beautiful spaces for members to live, they will be better able to recreate their lives. We believe that in the process of creating addiction recovery and a new way of life, being in support and understanding of ourselves, others and our planet is the most effective way to create lasting change. I Am Recovery believes that recovery coaching and peer support is vital to the change process.

As such, we provide certified recovery coaching at every step along the way in our Members’ journeys. We understand that addiction affects communities with disparities at higher rates than most and, as such, we strive to create an environment of inclusivity, diversity and equity for our members, staff and community. We are committed to providing resources so that all members, staff and our community have access to addiction treatment resources, services and opportunities to create addiction recovery.

I Am Recovery, is Recovery Connection and Community Support. Our Members are supported by others in recovery through Sober Living and practicing new ways of living; behavioral growth is created by engaging in Recovery Coaching Programs and emotion regulation is created through our HeartMath Program. I Am Recovery members learn new ways to create Personal Growth, Social Responsibility and Human Connection on levels that sustain longevity. We are partnered with a network of sober living Denver houses, addiction treatment centers and community services for beginning and ongoing addiction recovery support.

Hear from our Members

"The thing I like the best is the support I got from my housemates and the options I had to navigate my recovery.

I am Recovery is more than a sober living house; it is a recovery house. The resources available are amazing! There are easy, clear cut paths to obtain scholarships to pay for or reduce your rent. You are given weekly sessions with a recovery coach at no cost. This program truly prepares you to be successful when you leave!"

- Lynn L. 11/2022

"The best thing was knowing that I had support, like-minded people they cared about me and we're going through the same thing. People I could relate to, count on and we're willing to help me in my recovery. I believe wholeheartedly this experience is a big part of my success.


This recovery home has truly transformed my future by showing me that anything and everything is possible as long as I practice honesty open-mindedness and willingness."

- Nicole G. 5/2021

"I AM Recovery living has been instrumental in my personal recovery and the support and structure I needed to get back on track with my life and start reaching my goals again. I have gone through some pretty amazing life changes while living there such as; finishing my Associates Degree, starting my Bachelor's in Integrative Health, switching careers and even getting married! 


I believe the environment created helped me to start going after my goals again and to live life. I have been blessed with some pretty amazing people in my life that I would call family through I AM Recovery." - Chelsie K. - 12/2020

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